Confederation Collection: John A. Macdonald

Final Address


It is the eve of my final, successful, election.

It was a massive landslide win, and I can only express my gratitude at being able to live such a worthy life of service to the people of this country.

My political rivals may be resentful, bitter, or even dishonest about my intentions for Canada, but it is simply their desperate attempt to regain support they failed to obtain during their rightful time.

Tonight, I have one announcement to make.

I come from a history, a family, of alcoholism.

I used to have days where I drank until I urinated whiskey

Drank until the problems of this nascent nation became something less than tangible for a little while

Spent so much time with blurry vision that it almost looked like there were no lines separating us

No walls to break down between populations

But here, now, I am seeing farther into the horizon than I ever have before

My mind grasping at threads of a woven tapestry started by our forefathers

There is the potential, in Canada, for greatness beyond measure.

The landmass of this country is the most beautiful on earth,

And we will proceed forward an international beacon of equality and liberty.


I am at the end of a political career.

I am no longer burdened by the fear of not being re-elected, and so I can say things a candidate cannot,

and because my only concern is governance I will avoid falling into the bland morass of neutrality that most of my opponents reside in.

So let me say this once.

Let us be English or let us be French, but above all, let us be Canadian.

Let us be patriots that share a vision of permanent and equal rights of all.

I entreat you

To think of the future

And the children that will replace us

And the fact that externally we are seen as unified,

But internally there is still injustice.

In that Aboriginals, the first humans to discover and become one with this land,

Do not receive the same education as their fellow Canadians.

To rectify this most grievous of unbalanced institutions,

I am happy to announce my final piece of legislation before I leave this government:

We call it “Residential schooling,”

We will raise the poor Indian children up from their culture, and teach them how to be truly Canadian.

This promises to be the next in line of the many achievements by this great nation.

Thank you.


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