Jumping Through Hoops: Indepth Post #4

Three things that I knew before this project began, but have been reinforced through recent experiences:

1) Never skip leg day.


Some people at the bootcamp I go to… it’s rough.

2) Make sure, that when you go to the gym and stare at yourself in the mirror, you maintain eye contact to establish dominance with your reflection.


3) Everyone, everyone flakes.

There is no pic for #3 on this list, although I AM projecting my disappoint onto this page so perhaps you feel it inside yourself as you read.

It’s quite frustrating when you are dropped as a commitment, if you don’t see it coming.

My first mentor, Erick, unfortunately has become too busy to continue personal training. He brought it up with me via email; despite offering alternative trainers, my schedule doesn’t mesh with any of the other coaches at ProFit. Because of this, I reached out to my martial arts network to find a replacement instructor.

I found someone – we agreed to have a meeting, everything was booked… and we had one meeting! He showed me some new exercises, thanked me very much for my interest and passion in fitness, and then kindly informed me that after further reflection he had decided to not take me on.

Back to the drawing board for mentors, then.

In good news: the 10k personal best has just been beaten! I’m almost at my goal of breaking 40 minutes, with a 43 minute 10k run at Mundy Park.

Chat soon.


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