Smashing through obstacles (and pads): Indepth Post #3

Goodness me. The weeks are moving faster each time they pass me by – and I wonder how on earth I am going to meet my goals?

I had a discussion with my mentor this past weekend over the phone about how I should keep up my physical education over the duration of my stay in Cuba. This introduction to the discussion is classified as blue hat, because it was the presupposition to our entire discourse.

My first move was to ask him for his suggestions on my day plan – I followed up my queries by providing some details on the conditions that I have to accede to while in Cuba; conditions such as my curfew, the space I have at the resort, and the time I will have during the day. These moments were a mixture of green hat, and white hat, because of the questions I was asking and the information that I was laying down on the table.

Following that excerpt, we began to talk through a few potential plans to follow:

1) I wake up early in the morning to work out, stretch before bed, and go for an endurance swim during the day.

2) I disregard fitness for the entire week, and simply enjoy sunning myself on Cuba’s beaches.

3) I work out/stretch in the evenings, at least three times during my stay in Cuba.

All of the options we discussed have their pros and cons, and we were both alternating between the yellow hat and the black hat, as we describes the problems as well as the benefits of each plan. I would suggest something, he would shoot it down as impractical; he would suggest something, I would remind him that I will not have the resources to complete it.

In the end, we decided to go for #3, where I will go through a bodyweight workout on Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday night in my room.


In other words, this indepth project has been going well!

I have very rarely gotten to see my mentor, Erick – he has been very busy thus far, and I have had more than one session cancelled last minute. At this point, I am looking into finding a second mentor to supplement and/or replace him, so as to continue building momentum in this study.

The best part of the entire experience has been simply having even more energy than I used to have! I know that I am eating a bit more to supplement the additional boot camp classes, and I just feel full of electricity for most of the day.

However, I need MORE SLEEP! The combination of boot camp, Yuens, school and poetry is proving to be very fulfilling, however there are quite a few late nights and quite a few early mornings. It seems as though the more energy I get from improving my fitness and nutrition, the more weary I am becoming from a simply lack of rest. The idea of falling asleep in class is abhorrent, and yet I have noticed my eyes slowly shutting in more than one of my courses recently…

Alas. The exploration will continue.


  1. Thanks for sharing this post. Sounds like some of the conversations with your mentor this week are similar to the ones you and I had this week. “I would suggest something, he would shoot it down as impractical; he would suggest something, I would remind him that I will not have the resources to complete it.”
    Looking for a second mentor sounds like the way to go. They are supposed to play a very important role in this project, not possible when meetings keep being cancelled! Have fun staying fit and getting fitter in Cuba!

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