Indepth Post #2 (Agreeing, Disagreeing and Differing): Erick Rodriguez

This is late, but hopefully not useless!

My explorations into the Profit Bootcamp have been rewarding, fun, and very, very draining.

For example: take this kickboxing class!


That’s my face checking out the camera!

Having trained in kickboxing for almost 5 years, and martial arts for over 10, I came into the Cardio Kickboxing class with the assumption that my skills would be tested, but on the  whole I would be alright.

It turned into one of the more gruelling 1 hour workouts I have EVER taken part in. Since then, I do not overestimate my abilities (especially my cardiovascular endurance).

This work out was led by my (now) Mentor! Here is a link to his profile on the Profit Bootcamp Website.

His name is Erick Rodriguez, and he is creatively inventive when it comes to torturing your tired muscles. Not only will he continue to run the after school boot camp classes that I attend, but he is also soon to become my personal trainer for the next two months! That prospect fills with a fusion of joy and dread for the aches that I can already feel coming.

When I first asked him about the possibility of doing some personal training sessions with him, he asked me about my goals. I spoke at length about how, during my training for my 2nd degree black belt I was in the best shape of my life, and how I need to get back to that state for my 3rd degree black belt!

“So Jamie, what you are telling me is that your goal is to become healthier, stronger, more flexible, for this black belt test… and then what? Are you going to let it go down the drain again?”

I sure hope not! It’s a tough question to answer, because in all honesty, every time that I have let my foot off the gas pedal in regards to my training at Yuens, I have lost a little bit of those qualities (strength, nutrition, flexibility, endurance). And each time, when I inevitably return to the front lines, I have to work twice as hard to gain it all back. I would much prefer it if I could, as Erick mentioned, keep that healthier lifestyle and detach it from any variables in my life. I’m in agreement here, Erick.

One of the other things that Erick and I spoke about extensively was our approaches to my training schedule. I had to disagree with him when it came time to write it all down, as he would’ve preferred:

“Boot Camp Monday through Friday, Saturdays with me, Sundays are your rest day. Run every day before school, and continue your training with school.”

As much as I would love to do just that, I know that I have to set priorities. I cannot simply drop my other dreams and goals that I am currently pursuing in favour of one, as much as my mentor may prefer that. I have come across this mindset in all spheres of my life – my music teacher would like me to be playing trumpet 24/7, for example, but I want to remain a well rounded person, so I can’t do that!

In any case – I am glad to have such a passionate, energetic and knowledgeable mentor for this project… lets see where it takes me!


Your reward for reading the entire post… is knowing that as soon as this picture was taken, I fell on my face!



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