Annotated BiBLOGraphy: Shane Koyczan Version

The best resources on Shane Koyczan, laid out here for your use.

1. Stickboy – a semi-biographical novel in verse. Link!

This is the stuff. Stickboy shines a light onto the formative years of Shane Koyczan, and is a window into the worst experience of many children’s lives – bullying. 10/10.

2. Our deathbeds will be thirsty/ Silence is a song I know all the words to/ Remembrance Year – poetry collections. Link!

Koyczan’s work is powerful and compelling; capable of bringing even the staunchest readers to tears of joy, and sadness. 9/10.

3. To this day/ Heaven or whatever/ Troll/ We are more – Poetry ‘Music Videos’ released by Koyczan. Link!

These multimedia presentations showcase the best  that poetry has to offer. Incredibly evocative. 9/10.

4. Stickboy – the Opera. Link!

The novel turned opera is a smash hit with critics and viewers alike. Very informative.

5. Interview on ‘Q’ – podcast from CBC. Link!

Cntl-F “11/26/2014” to find this interview – in the last 30 minutes of the podcast. Shane is ‘articulate’ incarnate. Excellent if you are looking for his thoughts on bullying in a very digestible format. 9/10.

6. Wikipedia ArticleLink!

The best place for finding out the basic info of Mr. Koyczan’s life (birth date, place of residence, etc). Besides that however, useless. 7/10.

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