Eminent Speech Final Version (Document of Learning)

The final version is here.

It has morphed and evolved in these days leading up to NotN, and although still very familiar to those who read the draft(s), I believe my core idea has become more polished. If you agree, or disagree, let me know in the comments!

Post NotN edit: If you have any feedback for the performance on the night of (I know my beard fell off), it’d be awesome to hear it!

Hi Grandma

It’s me again

I miss talking to you

I was asked by the Vancouver Opera to write a show for them

They asked me all sorts of questions

Shane could you tell us about your experience with bullying?

Shane how did you get over it?

Shane what do you want to say to all the kids who are being bullied right now?

Those are questions I’ve been asking all my life

I said “my experience as a victim was being lost in a desert, but don’t mistake me for a traveler –

the how’s and why’s of my journey have always escaped me”

I said “I didn’t get over it so much as I endured the heat-

I turned my burns into words that were juicy enough to satisfy my thirst.

My sunspotted vision became a kaleidoscope through which the sounds seemed to slot into place-

I became a poet”

I said “there are youths that treat each breakfast before school like their last sip of water”

What I would tell them is

Remember how quickly a palm turns into a fist

Finger by finger like clockwork

Tick tock

All you can do is do your time

But both hands are stuck on the 11th hour

your new day is an eternity away

Its not fair

Its not reasonable

It shouldn’t be you but it is


I’m a little lost

And I know that

A poet without words is a kid without salvation

So I am looking for your wisdom

There are deserts full of kids asking God why He chose them.

And they are still waiting

For their clock to run out.

If you made it this far, you’re pretty great! Thanks for reading.


  1. Sounds awesome Jamie! You’re going to make me cry…… You do a great job of talking about your person while still not completely like your trying to hit points 1, 2 and 3. Can’t wait to hear it!

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