In-Depth Update: Hullabaloo! (#4)

Three weeks today, Emma, Lyle and I, will be taking to the stage in Vancouver for the Youth Provincial Poetry Slam, Hullabaloo!


This is crunch time: where everyone is trying to write new poetry; workshop the delivery of the poetry; and then obsess about it incessantly. The team has been meeting up with Jacob (our mentor) twice weekly for the past few weeks, and as we get closer to Hullabaloo that frequency may even increase further.

Mentoring sessions with Jacob are a fascinating thing; it’d be interesting to record a session and then watch it later for reflective purposes. We discuss poetry first and foremost, but somehow all sorts of thing get jumbled in – business, philosophy, teaching, interpersonal skills, to name a few – Jacob passes on a lot of knowledge and wisdom in a very short amount of time. He also is completely shameless (in the best way). On the Sunday before school started back up, we met up at the Starbucks near Chapters at 7:30 in the morning. Upon Emma, Lyle and I professing we were still a little sleepy, he brought us out to the empty parking lot, and proceeded to force us all to run suicides.

Not my preferred morning wake-up call, but it was definitely effective.

Speaking of waking up: I would like to share something really wonderful with the world. It is a phrase, coined by Ms. Britta B (check her out on Twitter!), that you say every morning.

“My, my, my… what a day to be alive.”

The beautiful thing about this phrase is that you say it as angry as you feel, or as tranquil as you feel…


Or as happy as you feel.

Now this concludes the reflection portion of this post… however if you stick around for a little while longer, I would love it if you wanted to offer any sort of feedback on a poem that I have written. It is titled “Rainbows and Forgiveness” and it explores the idea that parents need not be together, but for the sake of the child, reconciliation is important.

I recommend you reading out loud, but the choice is 100% yours. Again, any feedback is appreciated.


Rainbows and Forgiveness

I am the most illustrious dichotomy there has ever been

a never ending bending phenomenon


my mom and dad named me roy

roy means red in gaelic

but for me roy has always stood for red orange and yellow

I am the perennial hello to faces pressed against rain streaked windows

made from two parents that individually represent the greeting to a new day

and the beauty of washing away and starting anew

since birth I have been made up of colours

and both of you, my progenitors from separate planets

need to see my light

because I know you can’t be near each other anymore

but I am not complete when you are driven apart


of the colours I am made of

blue is what I see in you dad

despite taking up two thirds of planet earth

you are smooth cool calm

simultaneously synchronized disparity and perfect tranquillity you have the capability

to be quiet

as an empty home or so loud it

feels I’m burning up at the edges

but you put me out before I catch aflame

I see myself in you easier than I see myself in a mirror

and so I can see you are scared: you hide mom away from me like she’ll shine the light on all your insecurities

and I’ll give away my love for you


I don’t believe in impossibilities but i do believe in exceptions

I am the immaculate conception between two primal forces

you gotta trust me when I say that if you make a leap of faith here I’ll catch you

when you are without mom you are always falling its hard to be brave when you’re always falling

rain is funny that way

but when you are with mom you are lighter than air

you fly upward

towards her

and maybe for a moment you can have a silent staring contest

you always break first


of the colours I am made of


you are yellow rays burnt red bright fire dire wrath

larger than life

you have never met me but your influence continues to shape me

everything turns around you

and despite the light that blinds you

you dare to give life a chance over and over again after all the mistakes

so please give dad a chance even after all the mistakes

mankind have an expression “to err is human, but to forgive is divine”

and as the greatest celestial being I know I have to assume that you will follow your own nature


of the colours I am made of

you mom and you dad represent pieces of me

fragmented possibilities of what i could be

dad blue

mom yellow and red

Your mere reconciliation brings new colour

into everything I am and everyone I touch

orange green indigo violet

of the colours I am made of

you represent the separate parts that are less than half of what was meant to be my destiny

I don’t ask for you to be together

only to put this beneath us

so we can go up, somewhere over the rainbow that I am

and see the joy that I can bring

when a family can overcome the tragedy of completely separate natures

at least, every once in a little while


you named me Roy G Biv

in French, it means regal

and so to live up to my name I promise

I do not blame anything upon you

I have an irrepayable debt to you, my parents

that will never be fulfilled

but… if I was born to be the most illustrious dichotomy

an apology, or a moment of generosity,

or a spoken-out loud affirmation that yes there was animosity but paradoxically

the sun chilled out

or the rain dried up any leftover tears

I the rainbow

would be the most proud son of the sun, there has ever been

(Thanks to Mr. Albright for giving an interesting idea about taking turns in a poem – it really helped this piece!)


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